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Laurent House Illustration

The Laurent House is pleased to offer a unique combined tour of two Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings from two distinct periods of the architect’s career: the 1907 Prairie-style Pettit Memorial Chapel in Belvidere and the nearby Usonian-style Laurent House in Rockford, designed in 1949. Visitors will be able to see and appreciate the change and continuity in Wright’s work from the height of the Prairie Style to the final decade of his career more than forty years later. 

About the Pettit Memorial Chapel: The chapel is named in honor of Dr. William Henry Pettit (1850-1899) and was donated to the Belvidere Cemetery Association by his widow, Emma Glasner Pettit. Mrs. Pettit commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design the chapel in late 1906 and construction was completed the following year. The chapel remained in active use until the 1920s, but after decades of disuse and neglect it was restored and reopened to the public in 1981. The Pettit Chapel offers an excellent illustration of Wright’s mature Prairie Style in a modest public building.   

The approximately two-hour tour will begin at the Pettit Memorial Chapel, 1121 N. Main Street in Belvidere. Guests will then provide their own transportation to the Laurent House Visitor Center for a tour of the Laurent House. The drive from the Pettit Chapel to the Laurent House takes about 20 minutes.

June 8, 2024


Twilight tour

Special twilight tour to celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday.

Does your child like to design, create, and build? Explore art, design, and architecture with hands-on construction and art-related materials, including Legos® and Froebe!® Blocks—a favorite educational toy of Frank Lloyd Wright. Students will learn how nature inspired Mr. Wright’s visionary work, which includes the beautiful, unique Laurent House, located in Rockford, Illinois.

When and where:

June 17-June 20, 2024; 9 a.m.-noon (ages 8-12)

June 24-June 27, 2024; 9 a.m.-noon (ages 8-12)

July 8-July 11, 2024; 9 a.m.-noon (ages 12-16)

July 15-July 18, 2024; 9 a.m.-noon (ages 8-12)

Laurent House Visitor Center

4627 Spring Brook Road, Rockford, Illinois 61114

Fee: $95 per student, includes a daily visit to the Laurent House. Financial scholarships available.

For an application or more information, click on the link below, email Mary Beth Peterson or Betsy Anderson at [email protected] or call the Laurent House at (815) 877-2952.

This program is partially supported by the Kjellstrom Family Foundation Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois.

Laurent House Illustration

artale & co. Tasting series

Wine, Beer & Spirits Tasting 

Friday, June 28th from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.

$20 Donation (Cash or Check) to Laurent House at the Door

Open House Format 

Laurent House Illustration

Our June lecture will be by Lonnie Lovness on the FLW Lovness Estate in Stillwater, Minnesota, developed by her parents and Frank Lloyd Wright. Lonnie is the author of the new book, Growing Up Wright.

Our July lecture will feature John Waters, architect and preservation programs manager at the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy. Mr. Waters’ talk will focus on the Usonian house, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s great contributions to 20th-century architecture. With the Usonian house, Wright created a system of building that he would use, in one form or another, in all his residential designs from the 1930s to the late 1950s. Mr. Waters will discuss the unusual features of the Usonian house and illustrate how the Laurent House, an important example of this type of architecture, is, thanks to Ken and Phyllis Laurent’s unique requirements, both similar and different from other Usonian houses.

Join us for our annual fundraiser to support the ongoing preservation of the Laurent House by Frank Lloyd Wright.

October 19, 2024

Maynard Parker 1955 Exterior

The Laurent House and Pettit Chapel—both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright—present Ellie Carlson as the ghost of Mamah Bouton Borthwick, the great love of Frank Lloyd Wright’s life. Mamah, for whom Taliesin was built, was brutally murdered, along with her children, at Taliesin in 1914. Ms. Carlson presents Mamah as a ghost at the moment of her death to tell the story of her life with Frank Lloyd Wright.

October 25-27, 2024


advanced photo workshop with andrew pielage

Three-day photography workshop with renowned FLW photographer Andrew Pielage. Dive deeper into photography while exploring the FLW Laurent House, the FLW Penwern Estate, and the internationally-renowned Anderson Japanese Gardens.

Our November lecture will feature Laurent House docents Gregory M. Brewer and Mollie Singh. Greg is currently working on a book about the Galesburg Country Homes and Parkwyn Village. Mollie grew up in Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1948 Pratt house, commissioned by her parents Eric and Pat Pratt. 

From the 1930s onward, Frank Lloyd Wright viewed his work as part of a single great undertaking: the realization of Broadacre City, his all-encompassing vision for the reform of American cities and society. Wright’s designs for the cooperative communities of Parkwyn Village and the Galesburg Country Homes are perhaps his most fully realized expression of the Broadacre ideal. Greg will discuss the history and design of both projects. Mollie will share her firsthand experience of growing up in the Pratt house. Following her talk, Mollie will be signing copies of her parents’ book, The Pratt House and Frank Lloyd Wright: Building in a Cooperative Community, 1947-1979.


Enjoy the beauty of the Laurent House and Visitor Center, both decorated for the holidays with the Laurents’ personal collection of ornaments, as well as many mid-century Christmas decorations. Each guided tour will end with holiday refreshments (Swedish Christmas cookies and hot chocolate) at our Visitor Center.